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2024 STTAGE Mini Event: Processing Deficits: Understanding Processing and Its Impact on Learning


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2024 SSTAGE Mini-Event-Processing Deficits: Understanding Processing and Its Impact on Learning

Virtual March 5, 2024 

9:00 am - 10:30 am 

During this presentation, we will explore the identification of processing deficits and their characteristics. Understanding these deficits is crucial for effective intervention. We'll delve into specialized instruction and interventions designed to assist students in compensating for processing deficits, ensuring a tailored approach to their learning needs. Additionally, we will discuss various accommodations that teachers can implement to "level the playing field" for students facing processing challenges. By addressing these key concepts, educators can create inclusive and supportive learning environments, fostering academic success for all students, regardless of their processing abilities.


Member Registration: $40

Non-Member Registration: $115

Group Registration (1o or more participants-discount): $25/Member or $100/Non-Member

*Please note: For group registration send spreadsheet with names/email addresses to jwhitehead@gael.org


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Cancelation Policy: To cancel participation for an event, SSTAGE must receive written notice (email jwhitehead@gael.org) seven calendar days prior to the scheduled workshop/conference. An administrative fee of $25.00 will be charged for cancellations. Requests for a refund must be received in writing at least seven calendar days prior to the start of the conference and must be addressed to jwhitehead@gael.org. SSTAGE encourages participants to find a substitute. Replacements will be welcome, and there will be no charge to transfer a registration to a colleague for the event. Advance notice of replacements is preferred. If an individual registers and does not attend the event, he/she will be marked as a "no show" and the full conference fees shall apply. Registrants are responsible for payment. Refunds will not be made for “no shows”. Refunds and reimbursements will not be transferable to other workshops or conferences. In the event of inclement weather which may impede or prevent conference attendance, or which may give cause to fully cancel the conference, a credit will be provided to the registrant or school/system. Refunds will not be made for conference cancellations due to COVID-19, severe weather or weather events which may cause the conference to cancel. SSTAGE is not responsible for United States Postal Service mail or electronic mail failures.

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