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2024 GAEL Summer Conference - Livestream


2024 GAEL Summer Conference - LIVESTREAM

Dream, Believe, Achieve: The GOLD Standard for Public Education

Livestream | July 14-17, 2024

*Registration opens on April 8, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.*

LivestreamRegistration: $300.00 (includes complimentary GAEL & Affiliate/Associate membership)

Agenda Link (Coming Soon)

Featuring: Gail Devers, Principal El & Adam Welcome

Professional Learning Strands: 


Presentations in this strand explore innovative approaches and visionary strategies for shaping the future of public education and preparing students for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities through creativity, critical thinking and adaptability. Presenters will engage participants in discussions on dreaming big, thinking creatively, and pushing the boundaries of traditional educational models. By dreaming big and embracing change, participants will leave inspired with practical ideas to revolutionize public education in their schools and districts.


Throughout this strand, educational leaders will share proven strategies and practices aimed at promoting efficacy within the educational ecosystem. Insights will be shared into fostering belief in students, empowering teachers, and inspiring leaders to reach their full potential. Innovative ideas and collaborative strategies will be shared to ensure that every student, teacher, and leader can thrive in the educational landscape. Participants will explore strategies for building confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset among educators and students, and will leave equipped with practical tools and approaches to cultivate a positive and supportive learning environment where everyone thrives.


 This breakout session will highlight the importance of collaboration among students, teachers, and administrators in driving academic achievement and overall success in public education. Participants will explore effective strategies for fostering teamwork, communication, and shared accountability within educational communities. Conference attendees will discover practical approaches for setting high expectations, aligning goals, and leveraging each stakeholder's strengths to maximize student outcomes. From creating a culture of continuous improvement to celebrating collective achievements, this session will empower participants to work collaboratively towards a common vision of excellence in public education.


All conference registrations include a complimentary GAEL Membership and one Affiliate/Associate Membership for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.  What if the in-person conference sells out? Join the In-Person Waitlist!

Register for the livestream access to the conference in order to have an opportunity to join the waitlist and obtain you complimentary annual memberships in GAEL and your preferred GAEL Affiliate/Associate Organization.

Please email iyoung@gael.org with registration problems or questions.

Cancellation Policy for 2024 GAEL Summer Conference LIVESTREAM is as follows and acknowledgement is required during registration:

Due to commitments regarding contracts for streaming services, there is $150 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be waived for those who retain their 2024/2025 GAEL and Affiliate Memberships. The last day to cancel is May 31, 2024. After that, the full fee will remain due.   Cancellations MUST be in writing. In the event the conference is unable to be held  safely due to COVID-19, severe weather, or other large-scale emergencies or acts of nature, we will not cancel the conference and the GAEL contingency plan will go into effect. Instead, general session topics will be held virtually at dates to be announced (if real time live stream is no longer an option).

To cancel a registration, please email Ginny Smith, gsmith@gael.org.

Registration for this event is closed.

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